Working with Text

It’s important to know how to perform basic tasks with text when working in a word processing application. In this lesson, you’ll practice the basics of working with text, including how to insert, delete, select, copy, paste, and drag and drop text.


  1. Cut and paste the last paragraph into the 2nd paragraph position.
  2. Select the text “Awesome, come on! First, you must tell me the secret password! Do you know what a password is? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.” and drag it to the top of the page.
  3. Take the text out of the Header and paste it as the first line in the first paragraph.
  4. Take the extra spaces out between paragraphs.
  5. Read the passage and see if it makes sense. If anything else is still out of order, move it to the right place.

The finished result should look like this: