3rd Grade Technology Curriculum Add on Pack


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Daily messages, vocab cards, exit ticket prompts, and graphic organizers to go along with my 3rd Grade Technology Lesson Plans and Activities. This is an add on pack meant to compliment the full year resource, but isn’t a necessity to successfully use the curriculum.

I know not everyone has time for extras, but if you’re looking for extra materials to supplement the Kindergarten technology curriculum then this is it!

What is included?

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• Daily Messages- these are a one page image file that you can put into your interactive whiteboard software, PowerPoint, Slides, etc. to display for your group as they come into class. The lesson title, I can statements, vocabulary, and lesson question are all on the slide as well as a graphic that either gives background information or helps introduce the lesson.

• Vocabulary cards- these are just the words that are included on the daily messages, but in card format.

• Exit ticket prompts- 39 exit ticket prompts that are perfect for asking as the class lines up or as a wrap up for the lesson

• Graphic organizers- 6 graphic organizers provided as image files that you can load into Seesaw, Piccollage, PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc. and have students respond. Just place text boxes over the shapes and you’re good to go.

• Rubrics – 4 rubrics provided as full page and half page for your printing needs. Rubrics are left with the scoring blank so you can match it to your school’s requirements.

Copyright Brittany Washburn 2017. For personal classroom use only.

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