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Kindergarten skills addressed: proper use of the computer mouse, keyboard, and headphones. Learning to navigate approved websites and learning basic word processing including how to type their names.

How To’s

Parts of the Computer

How to use the Internet

Mouse Practice 1

Mouse Practice 2

Mouse Practice 3

Mouse Practice 4

Mouse Practice 5

Mouse Practice 6

Mouse Practice 7

Mouse Practice 8

Mouse Practice 9

Mouse Practice 10

Mouse Practice 11

Mouse and Space Bar 1

Mouse and Space Bar 2

Keyboard Introduction

Keyboard Arrows 1

Keyboard Arrows 2

Keyboard Arrows 3

Keyboard Arrows 4

Keyboarding 1

Keyboarding 2

Seasons Sequencing

Color and Number Sequencing

Spelling Words

Sight Words

Internet Safety 1

Internet Safety 2

Internet Safety 3

Internet Safety 4

Internet Safety 5

Typing Sight Words

Math Practice 1

Math Practice 2

Math Practice 3

Math Practice 4

Math Practice 5

Math Practice 6

Digital Breakouts

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