Make a… Wordle

A “Wordle” or “Word Cloud” is a visual representation of text. The fun part is that you get to be creative, the academic part is that you get to show what you know.  These are your 2 choices for making your Word Cloud. I recommend playing with both and seeing which features you like better. 
Your task today is to make a Word Cloud with AT LEAST 10 words. You can choose your topic and your color scheme and layout. Choose 2 words to make bigger than the other words. Then, save your work and upload it to share. 

Don’t forget to upload your finished product

If you finish early you may go to the Sponge activities

Strand: Innovative Designer

Standard: 4.d. exhibit a tolerance for ambiguity, perseverance and the capacity to work with open-ended problems.

I Can Statements:

I can stick with a problem until it is solved

I can use the materials around me to help me solve a problem

I can create an original work using a digital tool

I can share my original work using a digital tool